When people refer to video tapes and DVDs, they are usually referring to one of two things. Some may think of prerecorded video tapes and DVDs of movies and television programs that may be purchased or rented in stores. Other people may think of tapes or DVDs taped from television broadcasts. We mostly trade tapes and DVDs of programs that were originally taped from television broadcasts.
Can one legally copy video tapes? It is not legal to make copies of prerecorded video tapes or films that are showing in theaters or are available in stores. We will point out when shows are available in stores, and when possible, we will tell you where you may be able to buy them. We will not trade DVDs or videos that are available in stores. If you see one that you think is, please bring it to our attention and we will investigate it immediately.
Can one legally copy Television programs? Once a program is broadcast, the copyright owner has already obtained revenue from advertising or cable or satellite subscription fees. Copyright laws allow for copies of copyrighted material to be considered fair use of that material if making the copies does not affect the market value of the material or deprive the copyright holder of sales or royalty revenue from that material. Some TV programs are available on prerecorded video tapes or DVDs, and making copies of those programs, even copies of originals recorded from television broadcast, can not be considered fair use of the material because obtaining a copy of a recording from a broadcast instead of purchasing the prerecorded video would deprive the copyright owner of sales revenue. However, if a program is not available on a prerecorded video tape or DVD, obtaining a copy of a recording from a broadcast does not deprive the owner of any sales revenue since a prerecorded video tape of the program can not be purchased.
What is The Public Domain? The public domain is a space where intellectual property protection does not apply. When copyrights and patents expire, innovations and creative works fall into the public domain. They may then be used by anyone without permission and without the payment of a licensing fee. When we offer Public Domain products at AlfredsPlace we will identify them as such.
We will not knowingly trade a copy of anything that is available on prerecorded video tape or DVD. By requesting a copy from us you are indicating you have already attempted and been unable to obtain the program or movie on a prerecorded video tape or DVD and that the copy is being requested for private use. We do not own the copyrights to any of these programs and movies and there are no rights given or implied.