Alfred Hitchcock Television

Enough Rope For Two

Black & White version (AHP):

Joe Kedzie (Steven Hill) is released from a 10-year prison sentence for the theft of $100,000 and one of the first things he plans to do is recover the money. Forced to take along his partner in crime, Maxie (Steve Brodie), and Joe's old girlfriend, Madge (Jean Hagen). Joe is unaware that it was Maxie who turned him in to the Las Vegas police, a fault on Maxie's part since he didn't know at the time that Joe hid the money before being apprehended. A hundred miles into the Mojave desert, Joe explains that he buried the money in an abandoned mine shaft. Now that the hiding place is revealed, Maxie attempts to finish the job by pulling a gun on Joe. Joe, however, planned well in advance and shoots Maxie first. One gun shot hits the canteen. Once Joe is lowered to the bottom of the shaft, he digs up the loot and sends the package up to Madge, awaiting the prize up at the surface. When Joe starts back up, Madge cuts the rope with a knife. Joe falls, breaking his leg when he hits the bottom. To her horror, Madge discovers that Joe still has the car keys, so while Joe is now doomed at the bottom of the shaft, she also has little chance of getting out of the desert alive with no water or transportation! Directed by Paul Henreid. First aired 11/17/1957.

color version:

Driving down to China Lake for a camping trip, Scott (Tim Daly), his girlfriend Zoe (Darlanne Fluegel), and her cousin Ray (Jeff Fahey), stop at a gas station to fuel the vehicle. Inside the store, Ray buys a gun and then shoots a man. Although Scott wants to contact the police, Zoe suggests not to, since it won't look too good for him to be connected to the murder. Forced to ride along with the murderous pair, Scott learns Ray's true motives. He and Zoe are going to pick up a buried package, and then head to Mexico with the money. Driving through a closed Air Force base, the trio stops at an abandoned underground missile silo. Scott grabs a hatchet and runs after Ray, intending to end the nightmare, but the murderer shoots him in cold blood. Climbing down the silo to find the aluminum case, Ray sends the money up to the surface. But just as he climbs near the top, Zoe cuts the rope and Ray falls, breaking his leg. When the traitorous girl gets into the Jeep to drive off, she discovers that the keys are gone. Ray shouts up to her, laughing because he has the keys. With no water to drink, Zoe begins her long trek through the baking sand, knowing full well that there's no help within miles. Directed by David Chase. First aired 3/9/1986. $14.99 for the set or either the black and white version or the color version can be purchased for $9.99, DVD.