Alfred Hitchcock Movie

Harmony Heaven

One of Alfred Hitchcock's lesser films, is basically a "putting on the show" film - and that's it. This was 1929 and Hitchcock was co-director with Thomas Bentley. One can see similarities to Hitchcock's "Elstree Calling", and one can also pretty well identify the scenes which were directed by him - they have the same "feel" and "look".
The movie was written by Randall Faye, Arthur Wimperis and Frank Launder. Musical arranger and musical director was John Reynders. Cinematographer by Theodor Sparkuhl. Art Direction by John Mead. The movie was produced by British International Pictures (BIP), and distributed by Wardour Films (1929) UK.
Starring in Harmony Heaven were Polly Ward, Stuart Hall, Trilby Clark, Jack Raine, Philip Hewland, Percy Standing, Gus Sharland, Aubrey Fitzgerald and Edna Prince. There is a final reprise where the principal actors and chorus come on stage for a final bow as if they were in the theatre - of course, they were not.
While this certainly is not an Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece, it is an early curiosity by the great director and very much one of his rarest works. No Alfred Hitchcock collection is complete without it, and it also is a must for those interested in early musicals or the British cinema. The quality is very good.
Shot in 1928 and 1929. 58 minutes. The cost of DVD is $30. US shipping $1 first class. International us$3. This reproduction is sold collector to collector. The seller owns no rights to this movie and no transfer of rights is given or implied.