Alfred Hitchcock Television

The Human Interest Story

Black & White version (AHP):

Reporter Bill Everett, Steve McQueen, goes to a bar to interview a man named Howard Wilcox (Arthur Hill), who claims to be a Martian. Wilcox insists quite seriously that he had been imprisoned in an asylum on Mars, but had escaped during the total evacuation of the planet. Landing on Earth, he had assumed an earthling's identity. As he and Everett leave the bar, the reporter advises him to go home and not say a word about this to anyone. Then Everett reports back to his editor, admitting that he'd been forced to kill Wilcox, who had indeed been a Martian, but one who was ignorant of the impending invasion plans. The editor agrees that murder had been Everett's only option, as those plans must be kept a secret at all costs until they and the rest of their Martian kind have completely taken over the world. (This show was one of two Alfred Hitchcock Presents episodes starred in by Steve McQueen - the other being "Man From The South"). Directed by Norman Lloyd. First aired 5/24/59.

color version (AHPC):

Quite a change in the storyline in this color remake! In a small neighborhood bar, a national football game is interrupted by an unknown transmission, featuring a man named Brian Whitman (John Shea), who claims: "My name is Garo. I come from the solar system you people call Alpha Centauri. You must listen to wha I'm about to say. Some of them are here already and others are close behind. They are going to colonize the Earth." Maggie Verona (Barbara Williams), a newspaper reporter, witnesses the broadcast and seeing a human interest story, seeks out Brian Whitman. Knowing her influence with the press, Brian (claiming he's Garo in Brian's body) asks her for help in putting his story out to the public before he is killed by the Alpha Centaurians. If the aliens take over, all the Earth people will look the same, but act differently. They're possessing human bodies. Maggie hesitates at first, but when Brian insists on showing her proof, she goes along with the madman. After some bizarre obstacles, they reach their destination and Brian shows Maggie the proof she needs for her story. Returning to work, Maggie reports her story to Everett (James Callahan), the news director. Brian was telling the truth - there is an alien invasion commencing. He had the proof and she had to... First aired 11/17/1985. Directed by Larry Gross. $14.99 for the set or either the black and white version or the color version can be purchased for $9.99, DVD.