Alfred Hitchcock Television

Incident In A Small Jail

Black & White version (AHP):

Traveling salesman Leo Gorwald (John Fiedler) finds himself in a bad situation. Being locked up in a small town jail for an innocent jaywalking, Leo finds himself in a cell next to a young man suspected of murdering a young teenager. But an unruly crowd gathers outside, demanding justice, and Leon suspects a lynch mob brewing. The sheriff decides to move the accused murderer, in an attempt to prevent violence, but the young man knocks the cop out and forces Leon to change clothes with him. After the boy escapes, the mob rushes the jail, bent on killing the innocent salesman. After moments of fury and anger, Leon's life is saved at the last second, and he is free to go on his way. But then....... One of the greats of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, also stars Richard Jaeckel as the young man. Directed by Norman Lloyd. First aired March 21, 1961.

color version (AHPC):

Traveling salesman Larry Broome (Ned Beatty) gives a lift to a weird-looking hitchhiker, unaware that the stranger just came from the woods, where a young girl was raped and knifed. Picked up for failing to stop at a stop sign, Broome finds himself in the local police station trying to clear his innocence. At the same time, his traveling companion is imprisoned for the murder of the girl, and the girl's father gets half a dozen friends ready for a lynch mob. The odds are not in favor of the police, who are overpowered by the mob, when they attempt to move the prisoner to safety. Broome soon finds himself at the end of a rope, being mistaken for the hitch-hiker. He still claims his innocence, but the men hang him anyway. Just at the last second, reinforcements arrive and Broome is lowered to the ground, choking for air. Later that evening, with the entire misunderstanding straightened out, Broome phones his wife on the side of the road to tell her that he won't be home tonight - he'll explain his story when he gets there. And then...... Also stars Lee Ving as the young man. Teleplay by Henry Slesar, from his own short story. Directed by Joel Oliansky. First aired in May, 1985. $14.99 for the set or either the black and white version or the color version can be purchased for $9.99, DVD.