Alfred Hitchcock Television

The Jar


Black & White version (AHH):

At the Heron Swamp, country bumpkin farmer Charlie Hill (Pat Buttram) becomes mesmerized by a strange-looking thing, on display at a traveling circus. Sealed inside the clear jar is a strange concoction that defies everyone's description and eager to impress his neighbors, Charlie offers to buy the jar. With all sales final, Charlie takes it home and invites his friends and neighbors to see it. No one can figure out what is in the jar, and every night they gather to sit and watch. Some envision pure horror while others envision romance. Charlie's young cheating wife, Thedy Sue (Collin Wilcox), hates the evil-looking thing and expresses her desire to have it out of the house. When she has an attempt made on the jar, Charlie succeeds in saving the priceless object in the nick of time. People come from miles around to see the jar and it has won him his neighbors' respect. Jealous over her husband's new toy, Thedy Sue gets into a fight that turns physical. In a fit of rage, Thedy Sue opens the container and destroys the contents, resulting in Charlie taking drastic steps to refill the unusual jar... hmmm... A real Hitchcock classic! Produced and Directed by Norman Lloyd. First aired 2/16/64 as an hour-long presentation on The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, based on a short story by Ray Bradbury.

color version (AHPC):

Conceptual artist Knoll (Griffin Dunne) hasn't made one piece of work worthy of consideration. An art critic writes a really bad review at Knoll's latest exhibit. While taking apart a 1938 Mercedes purchased at a junkyard, Knoll finds a jar with indescribable contents, and becomes entrapped within its spell. Putting the jar in the center of his exhibit, people come from all around to stare at the unusual thing, each seeing something different. One man leaves laughing in hysterics, while another woman claims it makes her sick to her stomach. One man says it's the most beautiful thing he's ever seen, while a pair of lovers feel sexual stimulant. Knoll becomes a huge success overnight and his other pieces sell for large sums. It seems everyone loves the jar except for his wife, Erica (Fiona Lewis), who begs him to get rid of it. Out of jealousy, Erica knocks over the jar and the contents slither away. Grabbing a sharp knife, Erica intends to destroy it but instead she gets into a struggle with her husband and Knoll knows exactly what to do... During his next exhibit, Knoll has the jar back on display, now with a strange - but unsuspected - new ingredient... First aired 4/6/1986. Directed by Tim Burton.

color version (Ray Bradbury Theatre):

A backwoods man (Paul LeMat) impresses the townfolk with a mysterious jar... Also starring Jennifer Dale, Earl Pastko, John Dee, Billy Morton, Bill Meilen, Randall Payne. First aired 5/21/1985. Story by Ray Bradbury. Directed by Randy Bradshaw. DVD the set. All 3 episodes: $19.99 DVD the set. Any 1 episode: $9.99 DVD.