Alfred Hitchcock Television

The Landlady

Black & White version (AHP):

Billy Weaver (Dean Stockwell), a mild-mannered bank clerk, arrives in a small provincial town in England looking for a new residence, and finds a boarding house with thrifty rates. The landlady (Patricia Collinge) is a little peculiar, but Billy shrugs it off, assuming her rational mind expired from age. She explains that there are two other boarders, but it strikes him strange that he never sees them. One afternoon Billy has tea with his landlady, and observes that her pet parrot is not really alive, but rather stuffed. Asking her about it, she explains that she has all of her pets stuffed after they pass away, a talent she possesses and occasionally practices. All too late, Billy realizes... Directed by Paul Henreid. First aired 2/21/1961.

color (Tales Of The Unexpected):

Billy Weaver (Leonard Preston), a 17-year-old Londoner, arrives in Bath late at night to take up a new job. He finds a room for the night at a bed-and-breakfast house run by a sweet old woman (Siobhan McKenna). As he signs the guest book, Billy feels sure he recognizes the names of the two previous guests. Where on earth can he have heard of them before? As he drinks a cup of tea with a curiously bitter-almond flavor, the owner of the boarding house is telling Billy she is an amateur taxidermist... Story by Roald Dahl, Screenplay by Robin Chapman, Directed by Herbert Wise. First aired 4/21/1979. $14.99 for the set or either the black and white version or the color version can be purchased for $9.99, DVD.