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Lord Camber's Ladies

is the only movie produced by Alfred Hitchcock which he did not also direct.
Lord Camber (Nigel Bruce) is a notorious womanizer. A heart condition necessitates Lady Camber (Gertrude Lawrence) have a full-time nurse under the direction of Dr. Harley Napier (Gerald du Maurier). Her spiteful maid maliciously tells Lady Camber that her nurse (Benita Hume) is Lord Camber's latest lover. Through a situation largely her doing, Lady Camber faints, goes into a coma, and in a short time dies. What follows is suspicion of murder storylines.
Some critics and film historians have said that Hitchcock was never fond of the story so simply produced the project and left the directing to his friend Benn W. Levy.
Others in the cast include Clare Greet, A. Bromley Davenport, Betty Norton, Harold Meade, Hugh E. Wright, Hal Gordon and lord camber piano Molly Lamont. The screenplay was written by Edwin Greenwood and Benn W. Levy based on the play "The Case of Lady Camber" by Horace A. Vachell, 1915.
Lord Camber's Ladies was produced by British International Pictures (BIP), Photography was by James Wilson. Original running time was 80 mintues. Released in 1933.
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