Alfred Hitchcock Television

Man From The South

Black & White version (AHP):

Down to his last dollar, an attractive young man (Steve McQueen) with a passion for cars, is approached by an odd-looking millionaire (Peter Lorre), who has a flare for creativity. The millionaire wagers his convertible against one of the young man's fingers, that his Zippo cigarette lighter won't light ten times in a row. Testing out his lighter a couple of times, the young man gets a feel of the car and agrees to the bet. Upstairs in a hotel room, the young man is subjected to drinks while one of his hands is tied down to a table. The millionaire grabs a firm grip on a meat cleaver. One by one, sweating nervously, the young man flips open the lighter and strikes the wick. After seven starts with the lighter, the millionaire's wife arrives and puts an end to the proceedings. Might have been a good thing though, since the lighter fails when he tries to light a cigarette. The old man cannot wager the car, his wife explains... Great ending! Also starred Neile Adams as the young man's girlfriend. (This was one of two Alfred Hitchcock Presents episodes starred in by Steve McQueen - the other being "The Human Interest Story"). Directed by Norman Lloyd. First aired 1/3/1960.

color version (AHPC):

(A lot of fun for Hitchcock fans here)! The new color episode was shot virtually offered a wager he'll never forget. An eccentric old Texas millionaire named Carlos (John Huston) bet the young man that he couldn't light his lighter ten times in a row without missing. If the boy succeeds, he gets to keep the sports convertible outside, which the young man tries out for himself. If he misses just once... he loses one of his fingers - forfeit via a very sharp knife. Thinking it over, the young man agrees and accompanied by a couple of witnesses in search of action, the four people go up to Carlos' suite. The boy's hand is tied down to the counter-top, with one of his fingers protruding. One-by-one, the boy lights the lighter, and the referee counts with each light. At the count of ten, the lighter lights, the door swings open and the flame goes out. Carlos swings and misses the finger by an inch. Mae Rose (Kim Novak!), Carlos' wife, enters the room and takes the knife away. Scolding them for playing the foolish game, she explains that the car is actually hers, because... Tippi Hedren is the waitress and Melanie Griffith (Tippi's daughter in real life!) is McQueen's girlfriend! Enjoy! Directed by Steve DeJarnatt. First aired 5/15/1985.

color (Tales Of The Unexpected):

A young American sailor (Michael Ontkean) on shore leave in the West Indies is tempted by a crazy bet. To win a new Cadillac, all he need do is to make his cigarette lighter light ten times without any failures. In return, he has to stake one of his fingers. But what is the truth about Carlos (Jose Ferrer), the high-rolling old man who has proposed the bet? Also stars Katy Jurado, Pamela Stephenson, Cyril Luckham. Story by Roald Dahl. Screenplay by Kevin Goldstein-Jackson. Directed by Michael Tuchner. First aired 3/24/1979. All 3 episodes: $19.99 DVD the set. Any 1 episode: $9.99 DVD.