Alfred Hitchcock


(aka "Sir John Graft Ein")
German version of "Murder!"
Director Alfred Hitchcock made two versions of his early sound movie "Murder!" in 1930. This German version of Murder! was shot simultaneously using the same sets, director, and technical personnel, but an entirely new cast, apart from some uncredited minor characters and, alone among those credited, Miles Mander; in both films, he plays the murdered woman's husband, Druce, an incoherent drunk who has no significant dialogue. Possibly there were nuances of class and humor here that were seen as too English to be transplanted, but these cuts are bound to diminish the film.
Sir John Menier was a well-known English actor serving on the jury trying a young actress for murder. Convinced that she is innocent of the crime, Sir John tries to solve the case on his own to save her life. The real murderer turns out to be a cross-dressing transvestite on the flying trapeze (I kid you not)! Being an early talkie, Hitchcock experimented quite extensively. For example, there's a tricky sequence in which Sir John listens to 'Tristan' on the radio while he shaves - Hitchcock had the entire orchestra playing simultaneously with the scene behind the set, since music could not be dubbed in later!
The "Mary" German language version was produced by Sud Film A.G., also at Elstree Studios. It was a completely different movie, with a different cast, which was German. Once again, Jack Cox was Director of Photography. Principal actors were Alfred Abel as Sir John, Fritz Alberti, A. Arenot, Julius Brandt, Eugen Burg, Lucie Euler, Heinrich Gotho, Paul Graetz, Fritz Grossman, Harry Hardt, Ruydolph Meinhardt Junger, John Mylong Louis Ralph, Else Schunzel, Lotte Stein, Hermine Sterler and Olga Tschechowa. 78 minutes. Black and White. (Notes courtesy "English Hitchcock" by Charles Barr).
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