This alfredsplace website is intended for the pleasure and convenience of true Alfred Hitchcock fans.
Hitch100 Alfredsplace will bring you the opportunity to obtain rare Hitchcock movies, shows from 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents' and 'Alfred Hitchcock Hour' TV series (with many surprises!), Scripts from Hitchcock movies and TV shows (including many never produced), Alfred Hitchcock & The Three Investigators books for children, Alfred Hitchcock booksand just about everything else Alfred Hitchcock. Many pleasures and surprises will abound!
It is not the intention of alfredsplace to infringe on any copyrights nor to deprive anyone of due royalties. alfredsplace offers reproductions for sale only if they are perceived to be in the public domain or are no longer available for purchase. As a matter of fact, when products are available on the market we will advise where to purchase them to the extent we are able to do so. The rare movies are sold collector to collector. The seller owns no rights to these movies and no rights are transferred or implied.
Movie and TV scripts are offered strictly for educational and entertainment purposes. They are not transcripts and quite often contain scenes that were cut from the final production. But what fun to see what the scriptwriter put on paper and then to see what The Master did with it!
Missio4 If you have an unusual Alfred Hitchcock item, give us an email! If we think appropriate we will list it on alfredsplace for a reasonable commission when it sells. We want this to be your website, too!
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