Alfred Hitchcock Television

Night Caller

Black & White version (AHH):

Shapely Marcia Fowler (Felicia Farr) accuses a neighborhood boy, Roy Bullock (Bruce Dern), of peeping at her while she was sun-bathing. Roy denies it and later manages to ingratiate himself with Marcia's husband (David White) and her lonely stepson, both of whom suffer from Marcia's lack of care. Marcia gets an obscene phone call and, convinced that it was made by Roy to intimidate her, tells her husband, who confronts the boy. Again, Roy denies having bothered Marcia in any way and adds that she's probably just looking for attention. When Fowler goes away on a business trip, Roy confronts Marcia. She has just had another obscene phone call and is certain that Roy made it. When he starts lecturing her for being a tease and an improper wife and mother, just as his own mother had been, she grows terrified , grabs a gun, accuses him of making the lewd phone calls, and shoots him. As he falls to the floor, the phone rings... Directed by Alf Kjellin. The original Black &White version was an hour-long presentation on The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, first airing 1/31/1964.

color version (AHPC):

The color remake is a half-hour presentation. Betsy Van Kennon (Linda Fiorentino), a recent divorcée who just moved into an apartment complex in Marina Del Rey, tells everyone she enjoys her independence. In reality, she still suffers psychologically from her sexually abusive husband. Late one night, while she is changing for bed, Betsy notices a strange man watching her from across the courtyard. Quickly turning the light off and covering the window with a blanket, Betsy receives a phone call from the man, asking her to move the blanket - it's obstructing his view. Although she isn't certain who the stranger is, she suspects Art Toomey (Michael O'Keefe), her neighbor. As the days pass, the obscene phone calls continue, both at home and at work, and concerned for her well-being, she notifies the police. But when she explains her problem to a detective (Stephen Davies), he sadly explains that he is unable to do anything other than serve a verbal warning to Art. Finally Betsy becomes so distraught over the phone calls that she buys a gun and stays home from work one evening, waiting for a chance to rid herself of the pervert. When Art knocks on her door, asking to "talk about the misunderstanding," she takes advantage of the opportunity and shoots him... shortly before the phone rings again.... Chilling.... First aired 11/5/1985. Directed by and Teleplay by John Byrum. $14.99 for the set or either the black and white version or the color version can be purchased for $9.99, DVD.