Alfred Hitchcock Television

Night Fever

Black & White version (AHH):

Jerry Walsh (Tom Silcox) and a friend of his killed a cop in a shoot-out, making them wanted criminals. Although his partner got away, Jerry wasn't so lucky, having been shot by the officer's gun. At the city hospital doctors removed the bullet and then placed him into a quiet room to rest. When two detectives try to get Jerry to talk, a nurse by the name of Ellen Hatch (Colleen Dewhurst) objects to their torture and forces them to leave him alone. The detectives want to move him, but they can't because of his condition. The detectives finally leave, and the nurse shows a little pity fore the murderer. Over a couple days Jerry tries smooth talking the nurse into letting him go, but she won't break hospital rules. Seeing how she seems strangely kind to him Jerry woos her into helping him to escape. With Ellen's assistance Jerry gets free and makes for the hideout where his co-killer is hiding. But Walsh finds that his place of sanctuary holds a far worse fate than prison! Directed by Herbert Coleman. This original Black &White version was an hour-long presentation on The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, First aired 5/3/1965.

color version (AHPC):

Jerry Walsh (Robert Carradine) talks his girlfriend into closing the convenience store early so they can go to a concert. When she goes to get her purse, she returns to find Jerry emptying the cash register. The police arrive and Jerry fires his gun. The law officer returns the shots, wounding Jerry. Both the policeman and the thief are rushed to the hospital, but Jerry is the lone survivor. It seems the officer died on the operation table, and now Jerry will be charged with murder. Since the doctors say he cannot leave the hospital for a few days because of his wound, security tightens around the cop-killer. Knowing he'll need help to escape, Jerry befriends a nurse named Ellen (Lisa Pelikan), and it doesn't take long for the nurse to fall in love with him. Jerry, ever the smooth-talker, convinces her to plot an escape, which goes off undetected. After making it safely to her home, Jerry notices a picture on the dresser - that of the cop he killed. Wha-a-a-at's going on... Directed by Jeff Kanew. First aired 10/6/1985. $14.99 for the set or either the black and white version or the color version can be purchased for $9.99, DVD.