Writer and diarist, born in Paris of a Catalan father and a Danish mother,

Anais Nin

spent many of her early years with Cuban relatives. Later, a naturalized American citizen, she lived and worked in Paris, New York and Los Angeles. Author of avant-garde novels in the French surrealistic style, she is best known for her life and times in "The Diary of Anais Nin."
Anais was born in Neuilly, just outside Paris. She spent her childhood in various parts of Europe until, when she was eleven, her father, Spanish composer Joaquin Nin, abandoned his family. In the same year, her French-Danish mother, Rosa Culmell, took Anais and her two sons to New York. On the boat that brought Anais away from Europe and from her father she began to write her journals. In 1923 she married Hugo Guiler, who had studied literature and economics and had acquired a good position in an International bank, allowing them to live comfortably.
The couple moved to Paris in 1924. There they lived in various apartments, among them a beautiful house in Louveciennes, but Anais also often had a studio for herself and lived in a houseboat on the Seine for a while. In Paris she and Hugo supported various avant-garde artists, among them Henry Miller with who Anais started an affair and exchanged hundreds of letters. The book A Literary Passion includes a great number of the letters these two artists exchanged over the years and provide an interesting documentary of their struggle for recognition as writers as well as their relationship.
Anais moved back to New York just before the outbreak of World War II. After a turbulent time in New York she divided her life between New York and Los Angeles, between Hugo and Rupert, a much younger lover and friend. From being a cult figure of the early feminist movement, Anais later rose to International prominence with her writing. She is best known for her diaries but also produced a number of novels and a prose poem in surrealistic style as well as wonderful erotic short stories, published posthumously. Characterized by the use of powerful and, at times, disquieting imagery, her work reveals great sensitivity and perception.
In 1973 she received an honorary doctorate from Philadelphia College of Art. She was elected to the National Institute of Arts and Letters in 1974.
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Anaïs Observed

A Portrait of Anaïs Nin. A film by

Robert Snyder

. Anaïs Nin is remembered for her surreal novels, her extensive diaries and her deep friendships with artists who helped shape modern consciousness. Hers was "the art of the person," an inner journey that she pursued through dreams, psychoanalysis and an awareness that
embraced all aspects of the human character. An exponent of a distinctly female sensibility, she revealed her observations with unswerving grace and generosity. This portrait captures the life and philosophy of one of the most influential figures writing in America, a woman ahead of her time.
It shows Nin at work, at home, and talking with and about her influences: D.H. Lawrence, Otto Rank, Henry Miller, Lawrence Durrell, Martha Graham, Noguchi, Kenneth Anger, Maya Deren, Edmund Wilson, Lou Andreas-Salome and others. Her intelligence and femininity shine through in every frame.
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Anaïs Nin:

Spy in the House of Love

Video Biography from England's Channel 4. Comprehensive biography of the great erotic author. Rare footage. Visits with lovers (Rupert Pole), family (brother Joaquin Nin Culwell), friends - including Kenneth Anger, Lila Rosenblum, Tristine Raines and Renate Druks, business associates -
including John Ferrone (editor), Peter Owen (British publisher), biographer Deidre Bair, and the voice of Anais Nin.
The Anais Nin diary published in 1966 was heavily edited and one husband refused to be included. Many of her friends complained of the diaries being published later - feeling that she would not have wanted such intimate writing being made public. (Anais emphasizes that the correct enunciation of here name is Anna-eece).
Substantial footage of Anais featured as Astarte in Kenneth Anger's film "Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome" (1954) is included in this outstanding film. (See "Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome" above).
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