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The Pleasure Garden

Alfred Hitchcock's first job as director (aka "Irrgarten der Leidenschaft"). UK/Germany, 1925, Black & White, A Gainsborough Picture. Stars Carmelita Geraghty, Miles Mander, Nita Naldi and Virginia Valli.
The Pleasure Garden was a co-production between the Brits and the Germans and was shot in Munich, largely at the Emelka Studios there. It is undoubtedly this experience, plus a brief stint at Germany's UFA studios as an assistant director that account for the Expressionistic form that a lot of the master's films rely on (the future Mrs. Hitchcock, Alma Reville, assisted with this production). With this movie Hitchcock's directorial career was on its way.
The Pleasure Garden tells of Patsy Brand (Virginia Valli), a dancer in the chorus of The Pleasure Garden theater, who befriends Jill Cheyne (Carmelita Geraghty), just up from the country, and helps her get work at the theater. Jill proves talented but ruthless, determined to be a star. Engaged to Hugh Fielding (John Stuart), who is about to go to Asia for two years, she invites the attentions of wealthy admirers who may help her, including a supposed Russian prince (C. Falkenburg).
Meanwhile, Patsy meets Hugh's friend Levett (Miles Mander), who smooth-talks her into marrying him. They spend their honeymoon at Lake Como in Italy. Afterwards, both Levett and Hugh leave for the Tropics, where Levett begins living with a native girl (Nita Naldi). Patsy learns the truth about her husband when, hearing that he's ill with fever, she rushes to join him. Jill is about to marry the Russian, and refuses to help with the fare. Confronted, Levett becomes half-mad and drowns the native girl. Later, he lunges at Patsy with a scimitar, but is shot by the local doctor. Patsy finally finds love and consolation with Hugh, nursing him through an attack of fever and returning with him to London.
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