Alfred Hitchcock Television


Road Hog

Black & White version (AHP):

When Sam Pine (Raymond Massey) tries to rush his injured son to a hospital, a traveling salesman named Ed Fratus (Robert Emhardt), hogs the road by purposely driving slow enough, so they can't pass on the country road. The young man dies before they can reach the medical facility, and the doctor confesses that had they managed to get the boy to him fifteen minutes sooner, young Davey might have lived. Knowing that the salesman returns to the local tavern to peddle business on occasion, Sam plays the role of a kind Samaritan, offers Fratus a few drinks, and recalls the details of the road hog responsible for his boy's death. When Fratus realizes that what he drank was poison, the salesman jumps in his car and starts speeding down the road. But Clay (Richard Chamberlain), one of Sam's sons, is driving down the road at such a slow rate of speed that Fratus screams for the boy to pull over. In a hasty attempt to pass Clay's truck, Fratus gets into a severe auto accident that takes his life. An that's what the police will think when they arrive on the scene of the crash, since Fratus actually drank liquor, not poison. Directed by Stuart Rosenberg. First aired 12/6/1959.

color version (AHPC):

Arrogant and self-assured traveling salesman Ed Fratus (Burt Young) likes to refer to himself as "King of the Highway" and is unreserved about his dislike for "hillbilly" customers. A serious oil-rig accident has Sam Medwick (Ronny Cox) rushing his son to the hospital, which is in the nearby town. Racing down the mountain road, Sam gets behind Ed's Cadillac and honks his horn in urgency. But the stubborn salesman refuses to let him pass and even runs Sam's truck off the road. Having lost too much blood, Joey dies as a result. About a month later, Ed happens to be in the town's tavern where everyone treats him like dirt. They refuse to buy his wares, but the waitress, Phyllis (Lee Bryant), entices him with scotch, spiked with pills. Later, Sam and Phyllis confront Ed with the news that they are the parents of Joey Medwick, the boy who died because of Ed's thoughtless driving. Believing they poisoned him, Ed runs out of the tavern, racing down the country road to the nearest hospital - the same road Joey died on. Tom and Mike, Joey's surviving brothers, renew the game of road hog with a panicking Ed on their tail. Becoming so hysterical with fright, Ed attempts to pass and runs off the road. When an unsuspecting county coroner investigates, he lists the cause of death as a heart attack. Ed's stomach only contained a lot of scotch and a couple of aspirin... Directed by Mario Di Leo. First aired 5/11/1986. $14.99 for the set or either the black and white version or the color version can be purchased for $9.99, DVD.