Alfred Hitchcock Television

Tom Snyder

The Tom Snyder Alfred Hitchcock Interview Excellent interview of Alfred Hitchcock by Tom Snyder, host of NBC's "Tomorrow" show. The show first aired May 29, 1973, almost 30 years ago. Hitch was in his 70s. Snyder sets up the interview by stating they were not going to talk about movies but about ideas. Tidbits: What frightens you? What is your idea of Happiness? What part has religion played in your life and career? What other directors do you admire? What makes you angry? Movies' influence on audience? What turns you off in movies? What is suspense?
Tom (with a full head of dark brown hair!) brings up discussion that they both had Jesuit training. Discussion about Ingrid Bergman - Hitch quoted her as saying "The problem with Hitch is he won't have a fight" - Hitch would just walk away from her and that would "infuriate her." Hitch tells many stories, including his "favorite" story, which we won't divulge and ruin your fun. Hitch says he is a bigHitch color talking practical joker, telling many of the favorites he pulled. Talks about use of nudity in movies. Talks of his diets - "I lost 100 pounds during making of 'Lifeboat' - lost 500 pounds during my lifetime." Says most gratifying thing about his career was that he was recognized on the street all over the world - Japan, Africa, everywhere.
Quality is very good, in color, considering when it was recorded from television. 45 minutes. Out of Print. This production has never been released commercially.
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