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"Just got my dvd of 'The Jar' and I love it - It's been a pleassure doing business with you! I could not find this dvd anywhere.  Thanks again..."
Molly B.
Denton, Texas
"Received 'Final Escape' set yesterday and watched it last night - fantastic!  Thanks for being able to supply it - had been looking for it for years!"
Russell B.
"Got 'The Jar' and 'An Unlocked Window' DVD sets - thanks!  My sister has been talking about 'An Unlocked Window' for years - plan to scare her this weekend with it!"
Frank S.
Highland, Indiana
"Hi Al - just wanted you to know that I received my 5 Alfred Hitchcock episodes on DVD yesterday and watched them... Excellent!!!!! Thanks also for the fast shipping!"
Toni S.
Jamesburg, New Jersey
"Just wanted to say thanks a million for the 'An Unlocked Window' DVD. I've been looking for this TV show for such a long time. I never could remember what the episode was called. The show has haunted me for years and I would tell friends about it. I'm so thrilled to now have a great copy... It still scares me!"
Frank S.
Highland, Indiana
"I received 'The Pleasure Garden' DVD in good condition. I watched it immediately and I am very satisfied. Thank you!"
Pierre R.
"Just received 'An Unlocked Window' & 'The Jar' DVD sets and they're great! Thanks very much."
Rich S.
"Thanks Al. The 'The Star Juror' tape is good quality and my dad was very thrilled to get it. Thanks a bunch! I don't know where else I could have gotten hold of that particular episode. God Bless!"
Jared A.
Peebles, Ohio
"Al, 'The Return of Verge Likens' DVD arrived today. Very nice work. Thanks very much!"
Steve M.
Galveston, Texas
"Al, I received my 'The Lonely Place' DVD - very quickly - thanks! I appreciate the great service - and the DVD quality was great, too!"
Jennifer G.
Cave Springs, Arkansas
"An Unlocked Window ' DVD arrived today - my mother is over the moon with it! She had not seen it for 41 years!"
Arthur R.
Yorkshire, UK
"Al, I received 'Waltzes From Vienna' today and am totally overwhelmed. This is a movie that on a freezing Saturday morning in 1979 I stood in line with several other diehards in front of a place called the Goethe House in New York City (across from the metropolitan Museum) to see a very rare showing of an even rarer 16mm print of what Hitchcock described as his 'worst film." They were showing it as an example of German cinematic history and that it was Hitchcock was secondary to the people showing it. Since that day I had always regarded that experience as a once in a lifetime shot at seeing an almost "lost" film by the master. By the way, I actually enjoyed parts of the film that have stuck in my mind since that day. I'm looking forward to sitting down with it and seeing just how sharp my memory is. After all, the last time I was almost frost-bitten by the time I got in to see it!"
Arthur R.
Yorkshire, UK
"Dear Al! I received your DVDs of 'Anais Nin' today - I really enjoyed them! Thank you!"
Sigrid S.
Lichtentalergasse, Austria
"Hi, Al. Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for the 'Where The Woodbine Twineth' Hitchcock DVD. The quality and formatting are wonderful and it arrived quickly. Thanks also for the DVD care tips and coupon for a discount on a future purchase!"
Patty C.
Bridgewater, New Jersey
"Hi, Al. I received my 'The Lonely Place' DVD - very quickly - thanks! I appreciate the great service - and the DVD quality was great, too!"
Jennifer G.
Cave Springs, Arkansas
"Al, I received the 'Unlocked Window' set in great condition. Fast shipping and secure packing. Two good movie, very spooky and good for this time of year. Thank you!"
Ginny A.
Puyallup, Washington
"I received the color episodes of 'Night Fever' and 'Final Escape' - they're great! I really appreciate your going the extra mile for me. I look forward to doing business with you again. Thank you very much!"
Priscilla A.
"I received my second order of 'Hitchcock TV episodes- 43 this time - they're perfect as usual. Thanks! I really appreciate it..."
Tony G.
Glen Burnie, Maryland
"'The Hero' DVD from Alfred Hitchcock Presents arrived this morning... excellent! Thank you very much..."
Susan D.
"The 'Elstree Calling' and 'The Pleasure Garden' DVDs arrived today. I'm enjoying them very much!"
Reverend W.
Rhode Island
"I have received the 'Anais NinDVD, thanks. It's wonderful!"
Henk H.
"Thanks for the 'Final Escape' DVD - Great!"
Sean L.
United Kingdom
"Al, the seven scripts arrived today and they're fantastic!"
Raul S.
"The second shipment of 50 Hitchcock shows on DVD were perfect! Here is my order for 100 more. Thanks!"
Eva J.
"Thank you so much for the DVDs of 'An Unlocked Window' and 'Where the Woodbine Twineth'. They arrived promptly and in excellent condition. I know where I'll be sending my friends and family for birthday ideas! Thanks again."
Sandy P.
McAllen, Texas
"I just got back in town and my '40 Hitchcock episodes' on DVD were here! They are PERFECT! Thanks for all your efforts and professionalism. I really appreciate it..."
Anthony G.
Glen Burnie, Maryland
"Received 'An Unlocked Window' DVD set promptly today, as you promised. I couldn't be happier. Thanks for the fast turnaround and for communicating well along the way. I'm very inclined to order from you again. Thanks!"
David B.
New York
"Thank you for sending 'An Unlocked Window' so promptly! My Mom came over and we watched it already - couldn't wait to see it! She was screaming every time the window blew! (We also liked the 80s version but thought the nurse wasn't quite as feminine as the one from '65). Now I will be having multiple showings of 'An Unlocked Window' for my husband, daughter (coming home for a week in Calgary in a few days) and all my friends. Many thanks to you! I will definitely devote an afternoon to your website next chance I get - I'll keep the coupon you enclosed!"
Evelyn P.
Harpswell, Maine
"I got the 'Tony Perkins Story' DVD today!!! It's amazing. I'm so glad to have it. Thank you soooooooo Much :))))!"
Mona F.
Becherbach, Germany
"The 'Kenneth Anger' video arrived in haste. The quality was really clear and crisp... not a cheap pixilated reproduction. Thank you very much!"
Byron D.
Merritt Island, Florida
"I've watched all the 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents' and 'Alfred Hitchcock Hour' episodes you sent to me and all are of excellent quality. Thank you!"
George P.
Portland, Oregon
"I just wanted to let you know I received the great DVD 'Anais Nin: Spy in the House of Love' today. Thanks so much for the speedy service!."
Gail W.
Euclid, Ohio
"Just wanted to tell you that I received DVD of 'An Unlocked Window'. Your service and the quality is outstanding! Thanks."
Jeffrey W.
"Got the 'Lifeboat' script - thank you very much. Am enjoying the read. Great service!"
Michael O.
Los Angeles
"I saw the original broadcast of 'An Unlocked Window' when I was 14 with my older brother... home alone, and we both never forgot it. Outstanding stuff! I caught it again in syndication in the early 80s (and also the newer version once)... A lot of people remember it. I told my wife about it and now she can judge for herself - one of Hitch's best!"
Keith M.
Bailey, Colorado
"I saw 'An Unlocked Window' when I was eight or nine years old. While watching an episode a few weeks ago, my sons asked me about Hitchcock. I told them this episode was my favorite and they both want to see it. I googled to try and get the name of the episode and was referred to your site. I can't wait!"
Craig S.
"Got 'Where The Woodbine Twineth' today and my wife is thrilled! Thank you. Very professional packaging and quick shipping. You are the best!"
Keith M.
Bailey, Colorado
"Received my episodes of 'The Jar'. I am very impressed with the quality! Thank you so much"
Linda S.
Lawrenceburg, Kentucky
"The 'Hunted' DVD set has been safely received, and I really enjoyed watching it, especially the 'behind the scenes' bits at the end. Thank you so much - do let me know if any other little gems like this become available!"
"Got it, watched it, loved it 'An Unlocked Window!' Scared me just like it did when I was 15, the year it first aired. Thanks."
Theo V.
Cheney, Kansas
"I received 'An Unlocked Window' DVD yesterday, and already gave it to my mom (she is a big Hitchcock fan). Thanks for the prompt response... She loved it!!!!"
Kelli C.
Saint Peters, Missouri
"I received the 'Where The Woodbine Twineth' DVD today... thank you so much! My sister will love it... she's been wanting to see it again, since it was first on TV! The perfect gift."
Lucinda K.
"I received 'Where The Woodbine Twineth' DVD today, just in time for Halloween! Outstanding! Thanks..."
Jon B.
Olive Branch, Mississippi
"Got the Hitch DVDs and had a nice trip down memory lane with them... Thanks!"
John M.
East Greenbush, New York
"Received the two DVDs of 'The Unlocked Window' yesterday and watched it last night! My sister is going to think this is the best present ever! Thank you again...""
Kathy K.
Bloomington, Minnesota
"Good evening (couldn't resist)... I received the 'An Unlocked Window' DVD - excellent quality recording! Thank you."
Linda P.
Orange, California
"Got 'An Unlocked Window' DVD set today - works great! The quality is unbelievable! Thanks!"
James R.
Covington, Louisianna
"Got the DVDs today and watched them! Thanks for the prompt services. The shows brought back fond memories of watching them late at night..."
Bob G.
Studio City, California
"I received my 'Final Escape' DVD! Thank you so much for the disc and the opportunity to get this episode! I watched it and was very pleased with it! I appreciate it and will definitely deal with you again in the future!."
Zane C.
Whitecourt, Alberta Canada
"I received the DVDs and have already watched them! Everything about them is done so professionally and the picture itself is so clean. I am really pleased. Thanks for everything."
Penny J.
"Thanks Al, I got 'An Unlocked Window' set and it works fine; my girls enjoyed the black and white version the best! My 10 year-old loved it! I saw it when I was 9 and only remembered a few parts correctly. Thank you for providing a site to supply these old memories for us!"
Debbie S.
"Wow! I just discovered your great site and I'm like a kid in the candy store! I admire you for putting so much effort into your wonderful top quality site! Please put me on your email list! You'll be seeing me quite often!"
Hal M.
"Al, I received the DVD of 'Downhill' today and am really very pleased with the excellent quality. Thank you for helping me to fill this void in my Hitchcock collection. Also, I appreciate your timely service, your excellent packaging, and your most fair shipping charges. You'll be seeing a lot of me around AlfredsPlace."
Gianni R.
Milano, Italy
"I just got in the mail my 10 episodes from Sir Alfred's TV shows - spectacular! You are to be commended for offering Hitchcock's fans all of his episodes in such excellent quality - and even the ones from the 1980s in color! Here is my new order for 10 more episodes and I'll be back quite often. Once again, thanks!"
Carol L.
San Francisco
"Al, got my 'Silent Blackmail' today - good show, old chap! Excellent quality and what a rare treasure - and now a prized part of my Hitchcock collection. I just sent payment through PayPal for 'Elstree Calling' and 'Waltzes From Vienna'. Many thanks and I'll be hanging around AlfredsPlace a lot."
Geoffrey S.
Brighton, England
"Just to let you know I received the 'Rear Window' and 'Notorious' scripts - thanks for the careful packing, fast service and fair shipping charges. I'll be back!"
Kevin N.
"Bravo on your AlfredsPlace website! It is obvious that you have put a lot of thought and work into it - great quality stuff! I will be sending an international money order for 'The Jar' and 'Man From The South' black and white & color sets. Please advise of shipping costs and I'll get payment in the mail today."
Brian V.
"I received the DVD of 'The Hands of Mr. Ottermole' and it was excellent! Keep up the good work in preserving the legacy of the great Alfred Hitchcock."
Michael R.
Bielefeld, Germany
"I found your great website and was amazed to find all of the Hitchcock Presents episodes and piles of other stuff! Very cool stuff! You can count on me as a regular customer and please add me to your email list.The Pleasure Garden' and am ecstatic! I am paying with PayPal for 'Downhill' and 'Elstree Calling' - please ship them as soon as possible. Thank you for the great site and your devotion to Hitchcock."
Jacques T.
Neuilly, France
"Love your site! I received"
Mark S.
"I am a university professor and am in dire need of the 5th season Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode called 'Coyote Moon'. I will pay for with my credit card through PayPal and please send it by priority mail as soon as possible. Very nice, thorough and informative site."
Robert B.
Cambridge, Mass.
"Recently my mother and I have been on the hunt for an old Hitchcock episode titled 'Where The Woodbine Twineth'. After going through numerous message boards and websites, I stumbled upon a post that recommended your site for purchasing hard to find episodes. So here I am! Please rush me information on purchasing and how soon you can send it! Thanks, and really enjoy the site!"
Bonnie G.
Los Angeles
"I received the 'An Unlocked Window' tape today and what a blast to watch this again, after so many years. It is just as frightening as I remembered. This certainly was a first class transaction! Finding your web site was like a breath of fresh air. The tape quality was excellent and I couldn't be more pleased. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. I'll be back - I know I want to purchase 'The Jar', which was another of my favorites. I intend to tell all the Hitchcock fans I know about your site!"
Mary-Ann C.
Newburgh, New York
"Thank you so much - I am thrilled. Finding your website and ordering through you has seemed like finding a magic lamp and having a wish granted. It has been an absolute delight. With Spring here, I'm bound to have a night where it is dark and stormy - the perfect atmosphere to watch my Hitch movie. And good idea, I'll have the popcorn ready!"
Erin R.
Jacksonville, Illinois
"Many thanks... received the 'The Pleasure Garden' DVD today - the quality was better than I expected. I'll definitely be purchasing more of your DVDs in the near future ('Champagne' & 'Waltzes From Vienna'). Thank you for filling out my Hitchcock collection with films that will probably never otherwise see the light of day."
David R.
Kenilworth, Warwickshire UK
"The DVDs arrived and I have already started watching them. It's worth watching them after all these years of never being able to catch them on TV. Thank you for completing my collection. I am one happy Hitchcockian!"
Bryant G.
Biloxi, Mississippi