Alfred Hitchcock Television

An Unlocked Window

Black & White version (AHH):

A third murder in the last two weeks is reported over the television, and police confess they have a psychotic madman on the loose, preying only on live-in nurses. One dark stormy night nurse Stella Crosson (Dana Wynter) and Nurse Betty Ames (T. C. Jones) are tending to their employer (John Kerr), a man with a heart condition who needs constant attention. Their only company is an alcoholic housekeeper and her husband, the handyman. Shortly after the handyman goes out for a fresh oxygen tank for the patient, the power fails, the lights go out, and the women start feeling uneasy. Maude hears a man's voice and footsteps in the house, but the nurses don't believe her, since the woman has been known for taking one drink too many. A phone call from the murderer informs the women that he knows they're alone, and intends to pay them a visit before the night is over. Checking to make sure all the doors and windows are locked, Stella finds that she over-looked a basement window, a mistake that might prove all too costly... "An Unlocked Window" is one of the most memorable and terrifying of all of the episodes of "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour", debuting 2/15/1965. Trivia: Bernard Herrmann's score is outstanding and very effectively sets the mood. For Hitchcock fans, this episode marked the appearance of the house built and filmed for "Psycho", but using only the outside view, not the inside. Directed by Joseph Newman.

color version (AHPC):

When the radio reports that the fourth hospital nurse in the past month was recently strangled to death, Stella (Annette O'Toole) and Betty Ames (B. Davidson), two live-in nurses caring for an elderly patient, lock all the doors and windows. Sam, the caretaker, leaves to fetch an extra tank of oxygen for his employer, and Mrs. Kyprianov, an alcoholic housekeeper, begins hearing a man's voice in the hallways. After the nurses sedate Mrs. Kyprianov, the power goes out and the phone rings. It's the murderer who says he knows they're alone. Both nurses double-check the house, and Stella discovers to her horror that she forgot to lock a basement window. Hearing Betty scream for help, Stella runs down the hallway with a knife in hand, to find her companion in a corner, scared, yelling the killer is behind the door. Stella quietly sneaks over to the door, and stabs the stranger, but... An outstanding remake of the outstanding black and white original. One of the great endings. Directed by Fred Walton. First aired 5/15/1985. Excellent Quality. $14.99 for the set or either the black and white version or the color version can be purchased for $9.99, DVD.