Alfred Hitchcock

The White Shadow

The White Shadow is an atmospheric melodrama staring Betty Compson in a dual role as twin sisters - one angelic and the other '"without a soul." With mysterious disappearances, mistaken identity, steamy cabarets, romance, chance meetings, madness, and even the transmigration of souls, the wild plot crams a lot into six reels. Critics faulted the improbable story but praised the acting and "cleverness of the production."
Alfred Hitchcock broke into the British film industry in 1920 as a title-card designer. Within three years, he was writing scripts, designing sets, and taking every production role thrown his way. "The White Shadow" appears to be the earliest surviving feature credited to Hitchcock, the film's writer, assistant director, art director, and editor.
The White Shadow was rushed into production after the great success of "Woman To Woman" and before Betty Compson returned from England to the United States. It was a commercial flop.
After being lost for decades, this tinted print of The White Shadow was uncovered at the New Zealand Film Archive. Only the first three reels of the film survive.
white shadow
Stars Betty Compson and Clive Brook. Directed by Graham Cutts and Alfred Hitchcock.
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