Alfred Hitchcock

Woman to Woman

(1929) Remake

The 1923 original and silent version of "Woman to Woman", directed by Graham Cutts and Alfred Hitchcock is lost. This 1929 remake by director Victor Saville is a talkie. Both were based on Michael Morton's 1921 play.
Betty Compson plays Lola in both films. In the original version, David is in a childless marriage with a frigid wife. In 1914 he decides to enlist, much to his wife's scorn. On leave in Paris he meets Lola, a dancer. They have a passionate affair, but he has to return to war and is taken prisoner. After the war he returns home to his wife, whose disposition has improved slightly.
David has lost touch with Lola, and does not realize that as a result of their liaison she has a son, also named David. Several years later, Lola, now a famous dancer known as Deloryce, comes to London. David meets her and his old love is rekindled. A son is what he had always wanted, and he asks if he can adopt the boy. His wife refuses to let him do so, and also refuses him a divorce. He and Lola plan to go off together, but the wife talks to Lola 'woman to woman' and persuades her that this would only cause suffering to both Davids.
Eventually Lola gives up her son, ignores her doctor's orders that she should give up dancing, and dies.
This 1929 version made a major change in the plot - David is unmarried. In Paris he proposes to Lola, but is whisked back to the front before they can actually marry. He is wounded in battle and develops amnesia that makes him forget everything that has happened during the war years. He marries thee icebox and is unhappy - but one day sees Lola dancing and the memories come back. This change avoided the adultery storyline, which was critical in England in the 1920s and 1930s.
George Barraud plays David. Also featured are Juliette Compton, Margaret Chambers, Reginald Sharland, Georgie Billings and Winter Hall.
Directed by Victor Saville. Written by Nicholas Fodor and Michael Morton (play). Gainsborough Pictures. 90 minutes. 4:3 aspect ratio. Talkie.
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